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For placing orders for HiS Word Perserved on DVD Please contact us below with your request.  DVD's cost $12.00 plus shipping.

400 Years KJV 1611 - 2011

 3/4 Lapel Pin
        Lapel Pins $1.00 plus shipping

King James Bibles: AV 1611 The preserved word of God.







Spanish Bible: 45.00

Spanish Bible paper back: 25.00

 Ruckman Bibles: for prices and information please contact bookstore

   Pastor Glen Stocker DVDs  Cult Series

What the Mormon church believes and teaches, taught by Pastor Glen Stocker.

$8.00 each DVD

 What the Masons believe and teach, taught by Pastor Glen Stocker.

$8.00 each DVD

 What the Jehovah Witnesses believe and teach, taught by Pastor Glen Stocker.

$8.00 each DVD

What Church of Christ believe and teach in this two part DVD taught by Pastor Glen Stocker.

 $8.00 each DVD

The true beliefs and teachings of Islam with Pastor Glen Stocker.

$8.00 each DVD

What Charismatics believe and teach, *this set has 2 DVDs which is a total of 3-parts. To purchase the DVDs would be 8.00 per DVD*

$8.00 each DVD

What the Catholic church believes and teaches, with Pastor Glen Stocker a former Catholic. * there is a 3rd and 4th DVD to this set, the 3rd and 4th installment is on one DVD, the 3rd and 4th installment is an additional 8.00*


$8.00 each DVD


The entire cult DVD set (dvds include: Mormon, Masons, Church of Christ, Jehovah Witness, Islam, Charismatics, and Catholicism)

80.00 for the entire set

Pastor Glen Stocker DVDs  Sermons  

Why the King James Bible is the preserved word of God.


In these two DVDs, learn how you can disprove Evolution.


$ 8.00 per DVD


Go through the entire book of Acts with Pastor Glen Stocker. *this series is actually 20 DVDs*





One sermon entitled "Proper and Improper Responses"



One sermon entitled "Win the War."



Two sermons entitled "Why do you do the things you do?" and "Fight Fair" preached by Pastor Glen Stocker. *one dvd*

One sermon with Pastor Glen Stocker about being thankful. *one dvd*


Two sermons entitled "The Character of Christ" and "Don't Go with The Wrong Crowd" *one dvd*


Two sermons "God is Smart" and "Pride" *one dvd*




Gail Riplinger objectively and methodically documents the hidden alliance between new versions and the New Age Movement's One World Religion.



Written by Pastor Glen Stocker, a tract that gives scriptures and other proofs that the King James Bible is the Holy Word of God, without error.

Evolution Cruncher/Evolution Handbook

Two different titles, and two different covers but the same book. This easy-to-read book gives ample information against evolution. Author is Vance Ferrell

*soft cover*

Author and Evangelist Jim White gives hilarious accounts of events from through out his life. "Laughter doeth good like a medicine"

*soft cover*






Abortion Verses Pro-life by Pastor Glen Stocker


Also the moral arguments will be given pro and con and answered from the Bible or biologically or from just plain old common sense. (Which is not so common nowadays.)

And, finally, I will conclude, showing to any unbiased reader that abortion is murder and should be apposed by all.


Commentaries By Dr.Peter S. Ruckman

Provides detailed information on evolution. The lives of Biblical people are dramatized in modern fashion, and Joseph is shown to be the greatest type of the Lord Jesus Christ. Full color cover. 866 pages. Gluebound


(Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther) Deals with the historic and prophetic material on the restoration of Israel. 505 pages. Gluebound



The basic human question is: Why do the righteous suffer? This commentary discusses this question and also, testimonies of the author's own ministerial experiences. Full color cover. 671 pages. Gluebound


Volume One covers Psalms 1-41 and Psalms 42-72. The devotional book of all time for the saints. Full color covers. Volume One: 659 pages. Gluebound




Two covers Psalms 73-89, 90-106, and 107-150. The devotional book of all time for the saints. Full color covers. Volume Two: 869 pages. Gluebound




Over one hundred sermon illustrations are presented with a vast amount of data. The ASV (American Standard Version) has been used extensively in this commentary to show its striking inferiority to the AV (Authorized Version.) Full color cover. 713 pages. Gluebound 


Ecclesiastes is the greatest document against materialism in the entire Bible. The philosophies taught in today's Colleges and Universities are covered in this one book. Full color cover. 366 pages. Gluebound




(Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum) The commentary covers Hosea through Nahum - some of the most neglected books in the Bible. The Prophets are shown to be truly foretelling the events of the Tribulation, Second Coming, and Millennium. 496 pages. Gluebound -

Lays emphasis on the transitional nature of the book and its Jewish application to the Second Coming. False teachings of Catholicism and Liberalism are refuted, and critical problems (Sermon on the Mount, genealogies, Resurrection accounts) are thoroughly discussed. 906 pages. Gluebound
A doctrinal and critical view of the most "popular" book in the New Testament. Like none you have ever read before. 636 pages. Gluebound

Fully covers the errors of the Roman Catholics, hyper-Calvinists, hyper-Dispensationalists, and other assorted apostates, tracing the progression of the Gospel and of revelation from Pentecost onward. Also puts in modern terms the lives of the Apostles and New Testament Christians. 847 pages. Gluebound


A thorough discourse on the doctrines of salvation that are found in this epistle. Deals with the differences of salvation in each age and the doctrines associated with the victorious Christian life. 610 pages. Gluebound
This commentary is THE commentary for the local church, the Judgment Seat of Christ, sin in the local church, the restoration of the sinning saint, the temple of the Holy Spirit, the Resurrection, the Rapture, and New Testament giving. 590 pages.
These books are the heart of the Pauline epistles (Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians) - the doctrinal and practical teachings of the Apostle to the Gentiles. The heresies of hyper-Calvinism and hyper-Dispensationalism are dealt with, and a history of philosophy is given in Colossians. 690 pages.



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