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Promotion Sunday 2014

All Sunday School teachers had kids promoting out of their classes and new kids coming into their classes. We all forward to a new school year.








Picnic in Palo Duro Canyon August 2014

Getting ready the picnic  

Time to load up

  The food is delicious

The grill is up and running

On a nature hike

Sunday School Class Camp Out 2014





Youth Camp 2014: to see more camp pictures click on youth group link


Youth Nights 2015:to see more pictures click on the youth group link

Glow in the dark golf



Tandy and Mariah

Can I have a cup?

Mariah and Issac

Soccer anyone?


Meagan's Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower: Congratulations Aaron and Meagan

Wedding date: May 31 2014




  Meagan Hamerick
Meagan and future mother-in-law Julie Arvello Meagan enjoys all the gifts she received at her bridal shower
All the ladies at Meagan's shower More gifts



The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.

Pro 28:1 

King James

Bible Study 10am
Preaching 11am
Evening  7pm
Men's Prayer Meeting:
Sat. 9am
Nursery Provided for all services.

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