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God's Approval Hutson

On Trial


Og's Bed

I Have A Dream

Good Guys That Got Killed

Defense of KJV

Where Are The Other 7?

Occupations of Jesus Christ

The Good Soldier

Are You Spiritually Broke

Faith Hebrews 11

The Travis Letter


Love and Fear

God Meant It For Good

Why We Should Fight a Little While

Are You A Phebe or A Dwebie

A Smoking Flax

God's Lament

Serving God With Intensity

Cotton-Picking Christians

Cure For Laodicean Church Age

Going Home On Empty

The End Of Sin: Death

God Mends Nets

Jesus Christ - Son and Sun

How To Have Good Success

Can These Bones Live

Crowds of Doubt Will Bring Clouds of Confusion

Cleaning The Temple

A Good Man Is Hard To Find

Walking & Flying By Faith

It Was Right

First Clock In The Bible

Hard Way or Easy Way

A Change In Your Plans

Where Tell It

Kings Ferryboat


Why Nothing Bad About Samuel


To This End I Was Born

God Keeps Us From Sin

Jumping In With Both Feet

What We See About God and Man in Psalms

Who Do You Want To Like You

The Sin Of Doing Right

What The World Doesn't Have


Meddle Not

Pulling Your Wagon

When Darkness Comes

2 Sins & 2 Fathers

Jesus Was An Extremist


The Kiss

Its Not The Trip; Its The Destination

If You Suffer You Will Reign


Doest Thou Well To Be Angry

Playing The Fool

Never Be Moved

Making Iron Swim

The Church People Are Afraid To Join

 World Is Getting Darker

Life In The Dash

Your Future With or Without God

There Is Such A Thing As A Dumb Question

Unquenchable Fires In The Bible

When I Fall

Seven Great Truths In The Bible

This World Is Not My Home

God Prepared

Live By Faith

How to Pray

Are You In

Short Commands

What Does the Resurrection Mean

Magnificient Word of God


When Your Brook Dries Up

Use To It

What Romans 8:28 Does Not Say


Unprofitable Prophets

Pay Day

Comfort Your Comforter

"Strange Things"

How To Get Ahead

Sunday Sermon 1

Things I Like About Jonah
Bro Chandler

On Forgiveness


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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.

John 3 16


Bible Study 10am
Preaching 11am
Evening  7pm
Men's Prayer Meeting:
Sat. 9am
Nursery Provided for all services.


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