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Church Staff


Glen Stocker
Bible Believers Baptist Church

Pastor Stocker was born in 1954, to a staunch German Catholic family in West Texas.  While in the Army he was saved and upon returning home was a police officer. Then he was off to Pensacola Bible Institute where he met and married Betty. His first pastorate was in Whitney, TX, then he and Betty moved to Amarillo and started Bible Believers Baptist in 1982.


Gary Pastwa
Associate Pastor
Bible Believers Baptist Church

I was led to the Lord May of  1982 by Pastor Stocker at the YMCA Chapel. I have been with Pastor Stocker for the whole time with the exception of three years in which I went to Bible School at PBI where I received my Bachelors of Divinity.  Since then the Lord has blessed Julie and I with 3 children whom are married to spouses that love and  serve the LORD and have given us 8 grand children.


Alan Arvello
Director of Music
Bible Believers Baptist Church

Alan Arvello joined the Bible Believers Baptist Church in 1989 and became Music Ministries director in May of 1997.    He is a native of Texas, and was saved in 1976.  In addition to director of the music ministries, Alan teaches a Sunday School class for boys 10-12 yrs of age.  Alan works full time as a physician assistant for a local medical team.  Alan and  Julie married  in 1990 and they have 3 sons Aaron, Bryan, and Nathan.


David Holliman
Youth Director
Bible Believers Baptist Church

David first came to Bible Believers Baptist Church at the age of 9. He accepted the Lord as his Saviour three years before, at a church down the road. Once he got saved he wanted God to use him even at a young age. His family moved away when he was 13 and somehow God found a way to bring him back to Bible Believer's.  He and Melissa married in 2000. Both of them grew up at Bible Believer's Baptist Church and both of them were bus kids!

Before they  were married God pulled at both of their hearts to be a help to kids. David became the youth director in 2001. He and Melissa have five kids, 3 boys Caleb, Matthew, and Jordan. 2 girls Mariah, and Anna-Marie. 


Thomas Nichols
Bible Believers Baptist Church

Thomas and his wife Neysa have been attending Bible Believer's Baptist Church since 2007. He is saved and serves the LORD as a church trustee as well as being a blessing around the church. Thomas and Neysa have 6 beautiful children.


Randy LaBue
Bible Believers Baptist Church

Randy and Donna LaBue have been coming to Bible Believer's Baptist church for years. Randy has been saved for a number of years and serves the LORD as one of our church trustees. Randy is also involved in our bus ministry and plays the trumpet. He has a daughter that is married, and a married son that is a Marine. Randy and Donna have 6 precious grandchildren.


Julie Pastwa
Bible Believers Baptist Church

I was saved at the age of twenty at Bible Believers Baptist Church. I graduated in 1987 from Pensacola Bible Institute.  I praise the Lord for his mercy and grace. 


Jana Dibala
Church Secretary
Bookstore Manager
Bible Believers Baptist Church

Jana Dibala and her husband Dan and son Jan joined Bible Believers Baptist Church in the summer of 2006, after moving to Texas from Oregon where they lived and served the LORD for 7 yrs.  Jana accepted the LORD as her personal Savior at the age of 16 years old and is thankful for all His mercy and grace.


 Pete McNally
Bible Believers Baptist Church

Pete McNally was chosen  by Pastor Stocker to be a deacon in  Bible Believers Baptist Church. Pete has been a Christian for 30 plus years. Ordained in New Mexico and has been in Amarillo since 1994.

For they that have used the office of a deacon well purchase to themselves a good degree, and great boldness in the faith which is in Christ Jesus.

I Timothy 3:13


The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.

Pro 28:1 

King James

Bible Study 10am
Preaching 11am
Evening  7pm
Men's Prayer Meeting:
Sat. 9am
Nursery Provided for all services.

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